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One year ago, the world was shocked with devastating news. Not only had Robin Williams, one of the most beloved actors of all time, died, he had chose the day of his death himself. Williams was found hanging in his home.

This tragedy struck hearts everywhere. We grew with Williams, laughed with him, and he changed our hearts. He changed our minds. He made us see that there is another way to be. Kindness. Inspiration. Love.

This man had one of the most beautiful energies – and you didn’t even have to be near him to feel it.

His life was so very special to so many people. I yelled out “bangarang” with the rest of Lost Boys in Hook. I remember the burning boobies on Mrs. Doubtfire, and Aladdin was a childhood favorite. I used to sing the Genie’s song right along with him, acting out the song, dancing about.

There was not a point that I recall that he wasn’t a part of my life. To think that the last movies we will see of him are the Night of the Museum movies is terrible devastating, but I am grateful that those movies were made in the generation that they were- my son, almost 6, loves those movies. He would watch them everyday. He gets this sense of wonder when he watches them.

That’s what Robin Williams does. He gives us wonder and joy. He gives us love. He showed us how to have fun. We’ll always have that. Williams has been made immortal through his roles. I’ll never forget the role he played in Patch Adams. When I think of him in that movie, I am always catapulted into a thoughtful state.

Sometimes we care so much that we give our lives to others. Sometimes we have to. There are a precious few willing to do that.

This blog post might be a little all over the place, but that’s the way Robin Williams makes me feel, but in a good way. I have so many memories of him, but I have never even met him. He shared his wonderful energy with so many people, and though his body is gone, his memory lives on. It always will, I think. There are so many that love him. He will be immortalized in his movies and in blog posts like this one.

How can you explain a love for someone you never met? It’s a strange thing. On this day, one year from William’s death, let us not remember the way he died. Let us remember the way he lived- with honesty, love, fun, and wonder. 🙂 Williams is a man who gave his life to others. We are grateful.

Share one of your favorite moments from William’s movies in the comments.

His time wasn’t up yet, but he decided that it was. That was his choice. It’s everyone’s choice. Your life is just that … yours. But, your story doesn’t have to be over.



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Thank you, Mr. Williams, for influencing so many in such a positive way. You truly are an amazing man. The world needs more of you!