Sugar is taking over our lives, but not in a good way. Too much sugar has led to obesity and an alarming dive in overall health. People consume way too much sugar. Is sugar good for your intestines? No! But, is it good for your skin, absolutely! Take one week without putting so much sugar in your body and use it on the outside instead. You’ll feel better, and your skin will be smoother too!

Encourage a love of nature and natural beauty! Here are some of my favorite recipes that I am using for gifts for friends and loved ones.


Coffee Body Scrub from Coconut Mama

This sounds divine! My only worry is that it might stain my skin. I guess we will have to wait and see. I’m interested in using coffee in my hair care products, or maybe henna. Has anyone had any luck with that?


Coconut Coffee Body Scrub

Mmmmm!!! I can’t wait to make this one, and it couldn’t be more simple. I LOVE the smell of coffee, and I can’t wait to use it all over myself. The grocery store has some great flavors of coffee, so we’ll see what I can come up with!


Peppermint Sugar Scrub Bars

Using holiday molds will be a great way to spruce up this Christmas gift idea. I wish I had one right now! Peppermint is so uplifting and energizing!


Oatmeal and Honey Sugar Scrub

This couldn’t be simpler! I’m already thinking of ways that I would like to spruce it up. Perhaps some green tea or chamomile for a calming effect. Lavender oil or patchouli oil would be a nice complement. Instead of baby oil, I think I would prefer to use sweet almond oil or some hemp seed oil.


Green Tea Sugar Scrub

This blogger is doing exactly what I want to do- finding more ways to use my tea bags. Every single time I throw away a tea bag, I feel like I am really wasting something pure and good! I should do a little research … maybe I can use my leftover tea and coffee grinds for my indoor plants. Anyone ever do that? What kind of results have you had?


Cinnamon & Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Cinnamon is another household favorite. I use a cinnamon honey in my tea, and it is a great combination with even greater health benefits! I wouldn’t mind using that same combo in my hair! So many new ideas sprouting up! If you have ever tried anything that I have mentioned, please share your recipes!

Check out some sugar scrub tips from Wellness Mama.

Mix it up with some bath whips by The Beauty Blogger.

The variations on the above recipes are pretty endless. If you come up with something that smells amazing and feels even better, please share it with me so I can try it too. 🙂