The lists are long. Who on earth needs 12-20 glue sticks, am I right? 😉


Last night, my husband and I took my son and daughter to the store for some back-to-school shopping. My son is starting kindergarten this year! We are bubbling over with excitement for his new journey! The school-supply aisles were full of parents and children picking items off of shelves and examining their lists. The overall mood was hurried, irritated, and straight-up pissy.

How disheartening! School time is exciting, and back-to-school prep should be something that is fun, not stressful. Your kids don’t need that. They need a positive start.

Remember, little eyes are watching when you standing there bickering about insignificant details and complaining constantly. They are listening. Put yourself aside for 20 minutes and make it fun for them.

We roamed around the aisles smiling at others and offering a helping hand when someone couldn’t find something that we just found ourselves. A lot of items were sold-out. But, not a single parent smiled back at us. Not a single person offered a positive gesture of any kind. One man spoke to us, but it was only to tell us that his wife was currently the grumpiest person in the store. He pointed her out to us- she was standing just beyond us. She agreed that she was, indeed, terribly irritated. Everyone moving about in the aisles looked like this:



I get it. It’s a work night. You’re tired. Taking kids shopping for anything is exhausting. Maybe you have a budget and you are stressed out about that. Maybe you can’t find everything on the shopping list. Maybe your child is upset that he/she can’t spend more on a trapper keeper or a big, fancy backpack. I get it. I was feeling a little tense as well.

But, I didn’t let it come out. I held back whatever inside was negative because there were kids everywhere, and especially mine. I do not need to take a positive experience away from them because I am the one that is tired and grumpy.

I am an example to my children, and I am going to be a good one. That is vital. Our children are learning from us, soaking it all in. All those kids saw last night were grumpy, bitching parents. What a pathetic display of immaturity it was!

My children were subjected to this negative behavior as well. The energy in the back-to-school shopping aisles was so awful that we eventually left for the art section, hoping we could find the reminder of our items there. There was one person stocking shelves in that aisle. It was quiet. We breathed a sigh of relief.

The first day of school was always my favorite day of the entire year as a child. Back-to-school shopping was the only time I really liked going to the stores. New packages of pencils and pens, a fresh, crisp, box of Crayola crayons! Glue! Glue! Glue! Everything new and ready for a fresh school year, a new start!

Please, parents, for the sake of your children, make this event fun for them. It can be a fond memory, and you don’t want them acting like big babies.

Get it together, parents. Don’t be selfish. You can control your emotions. You can’t control the circumstances or others, so there is no use getting huffy about it. Have fun with it! Be a good example for others!