Dark Tower Design

Men joke about their women being difficult to please, sending mixed signals, and speaking in an encrypted manner. Maybe some women do, but it’s a stereotype, and it shouldn’t be attached to all women in all relationships.

I’m easy to please.

This is what I need:

  • Honesty
  • Fun
  • Passion
  • Commitment
  • Support
  • Dedication

I don’t require a lot. I don’t ask for a lot. I do, however, want to feel like I am wanted and needed. You can do that in a variety of ways.

  • Engage me in a meaningful conversation.
  • Hold my hand.
  • Pull me in for a kiss.
  • Give me a compliment.
  • Surprise me with a love note somewhere unexpected.
  • Run me a hot bath after a long day.
  • Offer to handle one of my chores.
  • Tell me that you appreciate me.
  • Tell me I’m a smoking hot sex machine. 😉
  • Text me throughout the day to ask how I am.
  • Sext me.
  • Show sympathy by anticipating my needs.
  • Pick out a movie for us to watch together that you think I will like.

Some things you might want to avoid:

  • Stop saying sorry!
  • Don’t apologize unless you mean it.
  • Don’t make excuses. Own your shit and make up for it.
  • If you say you will do something, do it.
  • Sitting there on your phone while I’m running the household.
  • Do not make things worse.
  • Do not ignore me when I am crying.

Above all, I want a meaningful relationship that grows. I want to grow and meld our minds together. Two are better than one, and we should be using them together. I want someone who wants to know me inside and out. I want someone who is willing to share with me and want to know as much about me as possible.

I want someone who will explore with me. I want someone to expand my mind and make me a better person. I want our lives to be a journey.

I want someone who excites me and loves me deeply.

Is this possible? Does this person exist? Is anyone looking for what I am looking for? I want to learn, grow, expand, and love.