Pisarian- Pisces/Aries – I’m a cusper, and proud of it!

It also means I can be a basket case. The balance tips pretty hard one way or the other some days. But, the days that are good are SOOOO good! I know I have it good. I have an amazing, super-effin sexy husband of over 5 years. And, we have two beautiful, smart, and loving children, a boy and a girl. Perfect! My husband works hard. I work hard. We both have full-time jobs with benefits. We have degrees that we worked hard for! We recently paid his government loan off, which is amazing (it took long enough!).

When I am happy, I am light on my feet and very light-hearted and loving. I love to make people laugh and smile.

When the scale tips the other way, I crash hard. I am like the Kraken, only the ship that I am dragging to the depths of the ocean is my own ship! It’s madness, I tell you!

The Kraken by alexstoneart


Ever heard of Lovecraft’s cthulhu? That’s me on the dark days. It’s not pretty. But, it is me, and I own it. I don’t harm anyone or do bad things, I just lose myself to the darkness. That’ my balance. And, it gets damned dark too. That’s why when I tip the other way, things are so good! Because if one side is darker than dark, the flip side is a brilliant brightness. 🙂 To have the brilliant light, you must also accept the deep dark. I’m starting to be more and more okay with that.

The deep dark inspires me. It has come out in my writing, my artwork, and my digital art. I don’t always handle myself the best, but I have learned when to keep myself cozy in my bedroom when I feel overtaken. It works for me, and I am happy. It isn’t something that I want to change. It isn’t something that I want to get away from. It is me, and I have to accept myself to be happy in this life.

So, yeah, sometimes I am a raging beast. What of it? It really is a thing of beauty, if you think about it. I’m intense, deep, and the river runs wild. I’m interesting, fun, and I am deeply intrigued by mystery and hungry for knowledge.

It’s my journey. xoxo