I was webbing articles at work this morning and ran across a story of a woman charged and thrown by a bison while attempting a selfie with her daughter.

Woman attempting selfie gets tossed by bison

I’m still shaking my head.

I’m not ever amazed by the stupidity of Americans, these days, especially with their cell phones, but c’mon. A 43-year-old woman should know better! Why don’t people know better? This brings up a couple topics for discussion that we may or may not get to today.

First of all (and this will also be another topic later), cell phones are ruining people.

Secondly, people seem to have no respect for animals (a large majority, anyway).

Both are big, big problems that need to be addressed to change the direction the world is headed in.

But, I digress …

This woman was more concerned with snapping that selfie with the dangerous bison rather than thinking of her safety, her daughter’s safety, and the bison’s safety. True, the bison is probably not going to be injured, but they should not be disturbed. Animals are put on display too much as it is. Have some respect for mother nature, people!

A grown bison can weigh up to 3,500 lbs. Do you want to take a selfie of a bison when he’s having a bad hair day? I don’t think so. Do you want to post that picture to your social media without first asking for the bison’s permission? He would certainly retaliate.

People and their cell phones! As if they aren’t distracted and busy-minded enough!

Mother earth¬†forbid people go a day without sharing images of random moments of their lives. What is the big obsession with sharing, tagging, instagram, Facebook? It’s a lot of over-blown nonsense.

Is it a way to rub it in people’s faces? Look where we are. Nana Nana boo boo! You are at work, and I am getting gored by a bison! Haha! I’m better than you!

Or is it simply a way to share your life and journey with your friends and loved ones? Watch me get mauled by this bison for your entertainment! Thrill-seekers, anyway! People want to push the limits, and I get that, but don’t put your children or others at risk for your pleasure. Posting these types of selfies is almost like a challenge of sorts, promoting dangerous activity to the younger, impressionable generation.

Whatever it is, it is silly. Please, be cautious when taking selfies. So many senseless accidents have happened, and you could be putting others at risk.

Check this out:

Selfies gone terribly wrong


Look at me! This animal could rip my skull off with its mouth. Pretty cool, right? I’m just going to turn my back on it so I have this super cool pic of me to post directly after. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Don’t be this girl! This animal could be on top of her in seconds. She would have no chance if it felt threatened. Pay attention to your surroundings and stay alert … especially when you are in a nature area with dangerous animals. Protect yourself!

Seeing the world through a 3 or 4-inch screen is nothing compared to the majesty out there. Leave your phone in your pocket, on silent, and enjoy the beauty of the world around you!

And please, for your children’s sake, teach them common sense.


Go ahead, google “extreme selfies.” See what today’s youth are doing for kicks.