Shortly after I got to work this morning, my publisher informed me that the company was being picketed. He asked that I shoot some photos.


I went outside, told the three good morning, and took some shots while they raised signs high for me. It was quite a to-do around the office. the protesters were peaceful, but they parked a couple vehicles around the area with signs taped to the windows. One of the signs, in my opinion, called into question the character of the city reporter here, who happens to be from Maine. In the signs, he is blamed for racial bias.


There is a link below to read the story.

Three people representing Mitchell’s New China Buffet restaurant raised signs and parked a vehicle outside The Daily Republic’s entrance Wednesday morning in response to a story that appeared in Saturday’s edition of the newspaper … … …

Read the short article here (by me):


Read the article they are protesting here (not by me):


And a follow-up column (not by me):


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Things like this don’t usually happen in my small town. I actually feel pretty bad for these folks. They kind of dug their own hole not assuring that their restaurant was up to code. They put their patrons at risk, and a lot of people claim to have gotten sick there.

It’s a poor ordeal, all the way around, and they are only making their situation worse calling attention to it this way. Playing the race card is unfair, and calling a reporter racially bias is not at all necessary. The article reported a health code violation. It is the newspaper’s job to report and to inform members of the city.

I hope they can get their act together and move past this. Losing a business in our small community is surely not what anyone wants.