charlie1The gal in the middle is Charlie Buhler. She is the director of the full-length movie, “The Great Silence.” Last Friday, Charlie’s sweet momma, Darlene, invited me out to the shoot. They recently did a call out looking for extras, and they had dozens show up to be in the film.

I had never been on a movie set before, so this was great fun for me. The excitement, the improvisation, the crew, the equipment. People don’t think about what goes on behind the camera, and that’s how the crew wants it, but to view everything from behind is a neat experience. If you ever have the opportunity, take it! Make time!

In early March, I had the pleasure of writing an article about Charlie. During that time, they were planning on shooting some scenes outside of Delmont, SD, which, in May, took significant damage when a tornado went through their little town.

That night, they burned an old building to the ground for the shoot! Check it out:


Here is the article from March: Mitchell native shoots film close to home

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Mitchell native Charlie Buhler, left, and Drew Bienemann, Denver native, discuss an upcoming scene of full-length film The Great Silence. Buhler and her crew shot a scene west of the Army National Guard outside of Mitchell Friday night into Saturday morning. Buhler is the director of the film. Bienemann is the cinematographer.

Article and current photos by me.