On Thursday, July 9, my husband and I went to Burger King during out lunch break. It wasn’t that busy … perhaps 10 people were patronizing the fast-food establishment around noon.

After the experience we had, I have my doubts that we will be going back.

The lady in the blue is most likely the manager or supervisor. I’m not sure. I didn’t read her name tag. I tried to avoid contact with her, because she was clearly irritated.

Sure, sometimes you have a bad day, but when you are working with the public, it is important to put your best foot forward to ensure your diners have a pleasant experience. It’s not always easy, but professionalism, especially in a leadership role, is so vitally important.

She wasn’t being a very good leader. Things clearly weren’t going her way.

When we were deciding what to eat, she made note of an empty fry bin. She yelled back to one of the employees to get that going and to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

She wasn’t presently so busy that she couldn’t walk to the back and speak to them kindly away from the public eye. It would have been more appropriate. Not only did she yell back at her employees, but she made me feel uncomfortable. I didn’t go to Burger King to feel awkward. I went to eat a sandwich and some salty fries, which, I would have waited for, no problem.

So, after that, we were still deciding what to eat. My husband made up his mind, but I am indecisive when it comes to a menu full of selections.

The lady on the right, at the register, was pretty quiet. I think she knew the manager lady was on edge.

So, we are standing back from the counter because we weren’t ready, and the manager lady looks over at the woman at the register and demands, “Take their order.”

I looked at the woman at the register, who had a look of trouble in her eyes, and I said, “It’s okay. We aren’t sure what we want yet.”

We allowed a man behind us to step ahead so that she could take his order. She did so without event, and when it was our turn, the manager turn our order.

It was a weird situation. Many might not be bothered by it, maybe it is commonplace for them, or they can justify someone treating others unfairly, but not me. It isn’t right to act like that. It isn’t right to treat others like that. There is a better way to talk to your employees. They will perform much better when they feel they are respected. They will enjoy being at work if they don’t feel like they have to walk on eggshells or they are just waiting for the next time they will be yelled out or pointed out in public.

People make mistakes. Managers are stressed. I get it. But, please be kind to one another. Don’t ruin someone else’s day because you have a bad attitude.

proFor the record, the food was fine, as far as fast food goes. There wasn’t anything wrong with the fries. And it didn’t take long to get them out to us either.

Everything was mostly fine, besides the attitude of the manager. I could feel her negative energy from my booth.