Ok, so I’m almost not kidding about the draft number. I have been working on perfecting this baby for almost an entire year. I write, stew about it for some time, change things … it is a complication. But, it shouldn’t be. As the author of this novel, I should know better than anyone what I am trying to say. I should be able to speak eloquently about the message I want to share with others.

So, without further blahdy blah, here is the draft. Please comment. All critiques are welcome and appreciated.

Dear Agent Person,

The Black Hills in South Dakota is a sacred place. It holds secrets, ceremony, and a spiritual traditional that has beguiled generations. The mysteries elude even the inhabitants of the area, but the pull is unmistakable.

Varick is pulled to the Black Hills. Alone in his cacophony of the dead, Varick separates himself from society. The people of Echo, Nebraska are uncomfortable around him, and for good reason; his presence is a reminder of death.

Amelia is pulled to the Black Hills. Left to a realm of darkness, Amelia’s people have finally found a way out; once Mia looks into their water portal and makes eye contact, Amelia will share her mind, and there will be no way to rid of Amelia without taking her to the Drythipatica.

The Oglala Sioux are pulled to the Black Hills. The tribe has defended the water portal for centuries, but the strength of their people faltered. They must make a choice: defend against tradition, or allow the unknown to come through the ancient portal. Varick is the chief’s shot at revenge. After all, Varick has nothing more to lose.

Water and Stone is a daring novel about fate, generational curses, and mental agony. Complete at 92,000 words, one reader has referred to my manuscript as Kafka-esque. Please consider Water and Stone for your list.

The first chapter of Water and Stone was chosen for awards for the Agnes Hyde writing contest, and it was published in the Spring 2014 edition of the literary journal, Prairie Winds. My second novel is entitled, Tickets to See the Sun.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your valuable time and consideration.

Kind Regards,

Amber R. Hiles


Following are some images that remind me of my novel.

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