I got a few weeks off this Christmas break, which means I have more time to read … time to read what I choose rather than books on coding, design, art, and other academia. So far I have read The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes by Crusie, Dreyer, and Stuart, The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon, and The Wind Through the Keyhole by Stephen King.

In the final pages of The Wind Through the Keyhole, I thought briefly about what I would read next. I asked myself how much time people leave between books, that is, how much time do people let the current book settle before starting another story? After Miss Fortunes, I couldn’t wait to start the next book. See my review for that book before this post. I have yet to write reviews for The Bone Season and King’s novel, but they will be coming.

The Bone Season was a very refreshing read. Shannon is a great new voice for the fantasy genre, and I enjoyed her tale very much. If The Mime Season, the next book in the series, was already released, I imagine I would have bought that and read it right away. However, that does not release until the end of January 2015. Since I have been wanting to read about Roland, Eddie, Jake, and Susannah, I went to my local book store and bought that. It has been quite some time since I read The Dark Tower series, and it has impacted me in the most poignant and beautiful ways. It remains, and I’m sure it will always be, my favorite series.

I started King’s novel shortly after The Bone Season, but what is different after King’s novel is that I cannot simple pick up the next book. I want to buy another and start reading, but I can’t just yet. For King doesn’t just write a good story, he writes a tale that requires further thought and self-examination. He doesn’t just tell a story, he changes your heart. He puts a dent in your soul. I am always left with this feeling of … well I can’t quite put a word to it … but I’m sure King could. He says everything beautifully. To me, he is the greatest storyteller who ever lived .. and that is saying something because there have been amzing writers past and present who have done great things to change the world we live in. Stories that have changes the hearts of generations. Stories that have changes society and the way we live. But, King is different. He seems connected to something greater … connected to the Tower, to ka, to whatever it is that speaks to him through the passing wind.

As much as I want to start reading something else, I can’t just yet. The wind needs to simmer in my mind for a spell.

No one writes like King.

So, I ask, how long do you let a novel sit in your mind, how long to do stay within the pages of your closed book before picking up the next? Who is the writer, in your mind, who palavers with you for a time after you read the last page?

Art from King’s novel, The Wind Through the Keyhole.