Primitive Tools by A.E. Ash

Published by Luna Station Quarterly

After reading Primitive Tools, I was left wanting more. As a reader, you are offered but a glimpse into the lives of Tembra and Alix. It is a wonderful short story of diversity. Two seemingly different women are surviving together battling Scavs in an unknown world.

What is the Knowing, and what Secrets do these creatures possess? What is the strangeness they experience together? What happened to Tembra’s world and why is her species being eradicated? Additionally, who is telling the story? Mostly, the story seems to be told from a third person point of view, but there are moments when Tembra seems to be the voice of narration.

Why is Alix so willing to help Tembra, against the Guild Regulations mandate?

A.E. Ash is a storyteller, no doubt about it, and I love a woman who writes speculative fiction.

If there are more parts to this story, A.E. Ash, please don’t keep us hanging!

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