Grim is an 18 year old female living in a city of chaos.

She has never seen the sun.

The only family she knows is her brother. They survive by doing deeds for the gangs. Her life hasn’t been easy, and she hardly understands love or kindness. She has been shrouded in darkness all of her life. There are only a select few that have been trapped as she has that do good will just for the sake of helping others. She doesn’t see them often because she is ashamed of the things she does to survive.

She has a love interest. He is a member of the gang, and she wants to get away from everything, but she knows he probably won’t come with her.

She doesn’t even know how to get out. She doesn’t even know what is beyond the gates. But, she imagines it is better. There is a “person” on one of the track taxis that she speaks with when she can sneak a ride through. He is able to give her little snippets of life on the outside. It isn’t much better, but there is safety. Although she doesn’t care much for her life, there is something inside of her that wants to venture away from what she knows to discover more.

An opportunity presents itself. She must give up everything she knows and what little bit of security she has. Doing this means that the gangs will find her and do terrible things to her and her brother, but it is her best shot, and when she has the opportunity, without consulting anyone else, she takes it.

She finds something that is worth very much to a lot of people. But, how will she use it? How will it affect her world? What did the person on the track taxi tell her? There is the issue. I just can’t get there. Every time I consider it, it eludes me. What is she hiding from me?

…. …. …. …………. …………… ……….


That’s it!

She doesn’t know. She doesn’t know either. All she was told was to find the thing and who to bring it to. She doesn’t know why or what they will be able to do, but it was enough to give her the hope she needed to act.

It was something to hold onto. Maybe it is a joke. Maybe it is a ploy. Maybe it is a trick… but it is something. A little bit of light in her world of darkness.

I guess I will discover what the thing will do and who the person is she has to take it to when she does.