I am here to take a little break from writing chapters. I wrote a little over 2,000 words last night in a new Untitled novel that I have currently dubbed, “The Klops.” I am into the second chapter, and everything is going well. But, I am plagued. Not just by the story but by the fact that is the 3rd novel, and I haven’t finished the 2nd. Something in me wants to go forward with this one, but I am worried that the stories will mash-up in a way that I don’t think will be natural. So, I come here to work through my thoughts on this.

I opened up the 2nd novel, “Tickets to See the Sun.” I have been through it a few times, editing and changing things that needed to be clarified, so I am not sure how far I had made it into editing. I had an excel spreadsheet somewhere… hmmm … where did that go? It has been a while since I have opened it up. Such is my life. Passions come and go.

So, I wil have to start the novel back over at Chapter 1. There are currently 22,000 words, so editing up to a point where I start writing raw again will take some time, but I have time, and I need the story to be refreshed in my mind. There were also some issues in the work that needed to be resolved. I should really start a character journal on my main characters to get to know them again. They have been gone from me for so long… or have they?

I guess I made up my mind. Time to get back to Patrick and Grim. I need to see them through … now only if I knew where they were going. I think that is why I put them away for as long as I did. Where they were headed wasn’t really making sense to me. Time to make sense of this. Time to let them lead me.