My .com is just about finished. I only have about 2 hours left of coding until I am ready to go live. I am going to kill my goal of finishing by the end of the year! I’m feeling good about this!

On the other side, I didn’t get the editing job I applied for, and I was also rejected by a news website as a writer. The reason was that my style didn’t fit the website. That may be the case, but the article was solid! I was told in the e-mail that my article would be shared with the followers to gage their response, but it wasn’t. I had this theory that they offered a chance to become a paid contributor to get free articles with no intention of actually hiring somebody, but that theory flopped when I didn’t even see the article posted. Bummer. It was a good article! Puffed up my ego for nothing. But, I did gain something from it. I took a chance. It didn’t work out, and that is okay. I have big things in store for me no matter what!

So, one thing I would suggest to the new freelance writers is to be cautious. Maybe this site wasn’t looking to take advantage, but I bet there are some sites out there who offer a spot but don’t actually intend on giving a spot. It’s actually kind of a clever way to get content, though dishonest. Not a route I would choose.

I left a tweet to Sir Stephen King the other day. I said it would be the highlight of my life if he would write a short story for my online blog. No response. If he would have, I bet I’d have thousands of followers, and that would be amazing. Truly, it would be the best thing ever for a newbie blog. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have that kind of readership? That’s all it would take to drive thousands of people to my blog- a story by Stephen King. I wonder how much a short story by him is worth. Probably more than I make in half a year! High demand, to be sure.

I’m still writing for NerdEdge. Check it out! I enjoy the site because I get to write about whatever interests me, and that’s a freedom I’m sure not a lot of writers have.

Since I started this journey, I have been writing and editing every single day, and that’s a win!

Write on.