Update on my goals: I have been working more on my writer website. I am constantly having to tweak things, and I just learned php, so that’s a new ballpark as well. All in all, I am headed in the right direction for this goal, and I will see it through to fruition. Hold me accountable, if you like.

I haven’t been hunting for as many freelance jobs lately. I did apply for something, and I became a part of the new Nerdnalist crew. With school, work, Nerdnalist, Dyrthipatica, Those of Rose, and marketing myself, I am plenty busy. I have been writing A LOT more, so that is very fulfilling. My first article has not shown up on Nerdnalist.com yet, but I’m sure it will be there soon.

I’m really excited about Dyrthipatica. Not only do I want to publish novels, but I have always wanted to have a periodical tailored to kindred spirits. Dyrthipatica is an online journal (for now) that publishes speculative fiction, short stories, poems, writer prompts, and artwork based off of fictive works. I have high hopes for this journal. I even designed a new header for the blog! It looks amazing.

What else? As if that isn’t enough…

I’m really hoping that I can actually bring in some income with my writing soon so I can put all of my effort into becoming a better writer and editor. It is my greatest joy in life, after my children and husband, of course. They must be in that order or people think I’m a weirdee. But, I am kind of a weirdee. Take me or leave me behind. I’ll still be here.

I have also considered starting a Twitter account for the speculative fiction blog. I’m not sure if it is ready to go there yet, but it can’t hurt. I wish I could spend all my time writing, editing, creating, blogging, and designing, but I have homework to do.

Here are the books I am reading:

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