While the producers, designers, and director of this series do an amazing job, I originally did not watch the program. I wasn’t interested in thugs and the type of imagery that this show provided. I internalize everything that I see, and I didn’t want some of these scenes hanging around in my mind. It is horrifying, to say the least.

Yet, I was intrigued. I am a mother, so I am always cursing out Jax and Gemma from my couch. The moment that Gemma killed Tara was the most awful thing in the entire series. Why? Because it was the boys’ only hope. It was their only chance at a normal life. Tara was the only thing keeping Jax’s sons from being raised by thugs to grow up as thugs.

Maybe some see moments when Jax kisses their heads and rubs their hair endearing. Not me. I am repulsed every time he touches them. The things he does with those hands…. it’s unthinkable from a mother’s perspective.

Everytime I see Abel, my heart tears to pieces. This little boy has already been privy to things that most people in their lives would never have to experience. He has witnessed his Grandmother lamenting her terrible mistakes on two occasions, and I am wondering where the series will take Abel next.

Will Abel make it? Will Nero find a way to get the boys away from SamCro before all is lost. Will Abel kill his Grandma? What must be going on in his mind? He is surrounded by hostility, anger, and loss. Oh, the loss. Nothing in his life is stable, and now he isn’t even going to school. I don’t think the education he gets in the cabin is going to be a proper supplement.

I really wonder if Abel will avenge his mother. The only real happiness he knew was with Tara. His smile died with her. What a shame.

Those poor boys.

I have told my husband time and time again that I am going to live in a fantasy world where Jax turned himself in and Tara is giving the boys a life full of love and opportunity. In my mind, Tara is alive with those boys… it’s a much better way of thinking that where the Teller boys are now.