“I have no desire to suffer twice, in reality and then in retrospect.” ― Sophocles, Oedipus Rex


I finished Oedipus the King the other day. The fates will get you no matter how humble you are… no matter how much you love your family. What a tragic and terrible story, and brilliant for the stage! Sometimes, determination to find truth will lead one to no longer want to see what is right in front of them… will lead one to no longer want to see anything–because everything brings pain. Everything has the potential to bring pain. Poor, poor Oedipus.

Also rereading Stephen King’s “On Writing.” Was, is, and always will be my favorite writer. It’s hard for me to not want to write like him. It’s also difficult for me to not write like him because his novels were the only books held in my hands for a long time. He has been such an influential figure in my writing world. You should all understand what I mean when my first novel is published (cross fingers, toes, butt cheeks). The Dark Tower series kept me busy for a while… and kept me up until early morning hours rushing from page to page to see what Roland and his crew had in store for me, the avid and intense reader. I wanna be like Steve!


Also reading some extrememly dull articles from the BioLogos foundation for a class… not my preferred read at all. Even thinking about it at this time makes my mind turn to MUSH…